The Physics of Bridge Design 



 Every time you cross a bridge, you are seeing physics in use. You may be using the physics of a bridge itself when you commute to and from work each morning and evening. You may be using the physics of a bridge when you travel on a vacation or a visit to relatives. You may be using the physics of a bridge even when you travel to the grocery store. People take advantage of the usage of the physics of bridges and physics in general each day, when in reality, it is precisely the thing keeping us out of the water when we cross a bridge. In this website you will be learning about the physics behind the designs and engineering of bridges. You will learn about three different bridges. The Truss Bridge, the Arch Bridge, and the infamous Suspension Bridge.

Below is the download link to the Bridge Building game. On this game you go through many levels of building bridges. Your able to experiment with designing your own bridges or creating the bridges mentioned in this website. I challenge you to create the three types of bridges mentioned. Just download below. (example below)
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The Bridge Building Game